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3 Things You Should Do Before Guest Posting On Other Sites

So you became Bamidele Onibalusi and wrote 270 guest posts during a short time span of only 8 months. And now you are looking back and thinking you didn’t achieve your targeted traffic nor there is any boost in your blog subscribers.

You wonder, ‘where did I go wrong?’

… and don’t realize that it was the foundation which wasn’t laid firmly not the building erected on it.

Laying the Foundation of Guest Posting Campaign

‘What?! Campaign?!’ I can hear you exclaim.

Yes! Campaign!

To be successful and result-inducing, your guest posting routine should be executed like a campaign. Period.

If guest posting is a random, unplanned event in your content calendar then only luck, coupled with longevity of your blog, will bring your desired results of monetization and recognition.

So, gain easy results by placing guest posting at the heart of your content creation endeavor.

This post will discuss what you need to do before you start posting your articles to blogs and websites.

Develop Writing and Publishing Routine

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to develop your blog before starting its marketing campaign. (Blog marketing campaign can take one or more of many forms, of which guest posting is just one.) You can market yourself and your ideas even before your publish your first post on your site. In fact, most authentic internet marketers recommend marketing your ideas before inputting efforts in content and product of your business.

So, you don’t need thousands of articles on your blog before publishing guest post on other sites. The only thing which you need is continuity in your appearance in blogosphere. You can achieve this continuity by appearing in social blogging sites and other platforms. (Hint: Social media is just a part, not whole, of internet community.)

Start writing and publishing your ideas on platforms which have active community to build a sub-community within that platform.

This routine will not only enhance your writing skills but will also connect you with your type of people.

Whatever medium you choose for showcasing your talents and ideas, always remember predictable writing routine is the only link between you and your readers. Maintain and communicate it with your actions.

Know Yourself (More Specifically, Know Your Blog)

The first step will lay path for you to understand your site in the light of what your audience (readers) is viewing in your writing style and orientation.

Your writing momentum will tell you the type of content you like to create and the type which is most popular among your community.

You can use this understanding about your area of focus and combine it with your understanding of what will create profit and what will not.

If you have developed your blog, then appearance of your blog will dictate your image in your eyes and in the eyes of your readers.

At second step, you need to answer three questions.

Question # 1: What is your niche? Or more specifically, what problem your blog is targeting?

Question # 2: Who are your readers?

Question # 3: How much authority you have? Or, how well-connected are you?

In some cases, but not all, this third question will dictate the type of sites to which your content will reach. But it’s not a hard-and-fast rule. If I could get myself published on leading blogs in infancy of my blog then why can’t you? All you need is quality of your offered content and you are all set.

Analyze Target Site’s

This step is shorter than the first two steps, but can be the most crucial factor in determining the success of your outreach campaign.

If you have spent a year or two in blogosphere, you must have understood that well-researched and well-crafted article is not the only determinant of success of your idea. You need to reach the right person, with right authority and at the right time.

We have discussed the importance of right time of publishing in the first step of developing routine. You can attain right mindset and right authority by getting published in right blog, magazine, or site.

You are not reaching right reader if your talents are overflowing in the area of personal finance and you sought to publish articles in self-development blogs. Your best bet can either be a site specializing in personal finance or the one which deals with myriad of money management skills.

Following questions can help you in determining the type of blog which will work for you:

Question # 1: Does target blog target similar niche as your blog?

Question # 2: How credible (read: engaging) is the brand of the blog?

Question # 3: Is the target website offering you a link for your bio?

All of these questions will help you in determining if the time invested in writing and submitting the blog post will generate return for you in terms of blog traffic and authority or not.

Summing Up

You can start guest posting campaign for your blog at every phase of your blog’s life. All you need is a well-planned publishing timetable, understanding of your site, and courage to post to the sites which are worth your efforts.

How do you approach link-building in digital marketing? Are you getting desired results from guest posting? If yes, what are secrets of success?

If not, where are you failing?

Please share your strategies.

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