Business Listing Sites in India: Boost Your Visibility and Drive Local Business

The discovery of new businesses by buyers and how they interact with the businesses have taken another course due to digitalization in the current world. The number of people who use the internet in India has increased at such a pace that now businesses must have an online presence. One of the most viable ways to achieve this task is through business listing sites. These sites not only enhance your visibility but also ensure that local traffic and customer trust increase. Thoroughly look at the business listing sites and know the way they can change your business.

Problem: The Challenge of Standing Out in a Crowded Market

RehumanizeBeing busy and having endless possibilities to buy stuff, such as in India, setting on an object/s which makes it a recognizable mark or factor of the other stuff is a big test. The more ways that small businesses can go about making a name for themselves, the easier they will be to stand out. There is information about products or services being advertised in multiple places and it headlines information that is “new” is hardly pertinent to the consumers. Nowadays, people do not depend on advertising as they did before and that is why the accustomed marketing strategies are outdated. Even though traditional advertising methods are still there they are not enough. We live in a world where search engines are the go-to channels for people when they want to find out something or contact a service provider.

Agitation: The Cost of Being Invisible

RehumanizeIf you are invisible, how can anyone run a restaurant with really great food and the best services, still, they have few customers because you are a secret. It means that people not only do not find you on the internet but also do not know that you exist which makes it difficult for the business to exist. If no one knows about you, then a fantastic restaurant with fabulous food and excellent service will not be able to survive profitably as nobody will nibble at your menu offerings. It is estimated that almost 60% of American small businesses do not have a website or any online platform, but they do have a physical location. Some local customers assume that the local businesses, they actually love, do not even have a digital presence.

Solution: Leveraging Business Listing Sites

RehumanizeUsing business listing sites helps to increase your online visibility and get more customers. They take the form of the digital world’s catalogs where different businesses create their profiles, provide the information required, and are detected by users who search for items that the businesses are excellently providing. Here are some of the best business listing sites in India; we will review their features and figure out their applicability in your case.

1. Justdial

Overview: Justdial serves as a household name in India and is one of the most famous companies thanks to its large database and its easy-to-use interfaces, the live database goes over a sprawling stretch, and Justdial is a must-go-to platform for locals looking for services.


  1. Free and paid listing options
  2. Customer reviews and ratings
  3. Mobile app for easy access
  4. Business verification for added credibility
  5. Direct customer engagement through call and SMS features

RehumanizeCase Study: A local plumber in Mumbai experienced an incredible 150% growth in queries within the first three months of being listed by Justdial. The platform’s advanced search functionalities and a clear and convenient mobile app for customers gave a chance to easily find and contact the plumber. That, in turn, made the volume of the business bigger.

2. Sulekha

Overview: Sulekha provides local services in areas such as home improvement, education, and health. It is a platform where services can be fulfilled, mainly targeting service businesses.


  1. Free and premium listing options
  2. Customer reviews and ratings
  3. Lead generation services
  4. Business verification
  5. Mobile app for management

RehumanizeCase Study: A tutor in Delhi used a lead generation feature and got 200% more students than he had before. The credibility that was added through the verification process along with the customer reviews helped new clients to trust them.

3. IndiaMART

Gist: IndiaMART affords an open-to-the-public venue for merchants to sell, and customers to buy commodities in many industries.


  1. You can either opt for a free-of-charge or premium subscription
  2. Among the multitude of sellers, a lot of product categories are professed
  3. Trustworthy suppliers and buyers are placed on the platform
  4. The program also offers lead generation and management tools
  5. An app that can be accessed conveniently on the phone

RehumanizeCase Study: The Rupee of Surat’s textile manufacturing had IndiaMART as one of its mainstay platforms. The business experienced a 300% increase in inquiries from international buyers. This is made possible by the website’s vast network in addition to the verification process, which guarantees that only the best quality of leads is produced, in turn boosting the company’s expansion.

4. TradeIndia

Summary: TradeIndia is a reliable B2B E-commerce platform that helps businesses market their products and services to the masses in a creative manner and a wider range.


  1. Being the listing under Free and premium categories.
  2. It facilitates a product classification option that is so large that includes all known commodities.
  3. Manufacturers and retail partners that are verified and authorized by the site sellers.
  4. Portable lead generation and management tools are the features
  5. Mobile app for easy access

RehumanizeAn electronic supplier from Bangalore witnessed a significant 250% rise in the orders’ numbers when he placed an order on Tradeindia. The platform’s lead management tools enabled the sales personnel to get rid of erroneous processes and, therefore, they made more purchases.

5. Yellow Pages India

Overview: Yellow Pages India is an established business directory that offers thorough details of various businesses under contrasting categories.


  1. Free & paid listing options
  2. The client ratings as well as the review points and display of these on the company’s website.
  3. Detailed business info
  4. Search by category, location, and service
  5. Mobile app for easy access available

RehumanizeCase Study: A local bakery based in Chennai that had set up a Yellow Pages India account was able to increase its foot traffic by 180%. Posting customer reviews, was the main attraction for the clientele and also served as an agent to building trust for the company.

6. Yelp India

Yelp, which is a well-known business index across the world, is the place where businesses in India can link with local customers through reviews and ratings. It is also the platform for businesses in India to connect with local customers through reviews and ratings.


  1. Free and premium listing options
  2. Customer reviews and ratings
  3. Detailed business information
  4. Mobile app for convenient access
  5. Photo and video uploads

RehumanizeCase Study: A dental clinic in Hyderabad had a 220% increment in patient appointments during the listing period on Yelp India. The satisfaction of the patients and the clear display of the business information through reviews have paved the way for a growing reputation of the clinic in the online space.

7. Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free ability that occupations can use to run their online activity on the network through Google Web and Google Roads.


  1. Free Listing
  2. Customer reviews and ratings
  3. Business insights and analytics
  4. Integration with Google Maps
  5. Photo and video uploads

RehumanizeCase study: The use of GMB by a coffee shop located in Pune caused the number of people coming into it to grow by 300%. With the support of Google Maps, the customer will be able to locate the site that they are looking at, apart from the customer reviews as well as the product rating that boosts the reliability of the product.

8. Facebook Business

What’s this: Face to Face Business is the platform of the request process this company is using to get their business listed on the social media network by engaging customers through posts, messages, and reviews.

The list of options include:

  1. Free Listing
  2. Customer reviews and ratings
  3. Photo and video uploads
  4. Insights and analytics
  5. Advertising options

RehumanizeCase Study: A boutique in Kolkata created a profile on Facebook Business and saw a 250% increase in their web store sales. The tools for communication and the selection of very specific customer groups by niche products for which people gather help to advertise on a larger scale.

9. AskLaila

Search for the best that cities in India have to offer in the AskLaila local search engine and business directory. Discover the most current businesses, events, and service providers. It also exists in various cities in India.


  1. Free and premium listing options
  2. Customer reviews and ratings
  3. Detailed business information
  4. Mobile app for easy access
  5. Event listing feature

RehumanizeCase Study: A yoga studio in Bangalore achieved a 200% increase in class registrations thanks to AskLaila and their event listing feature. He also organized special classes and workshops.

10. Hotfrog India

Hotfrog is a worldwide business directory with a strong Indian presence that enables companies to present their products and services.


  1. Free and premium listing options
  2. Customer reviews and ratings
  3. Detailed business information
  4. Search by category and location
  5. Mobile-friendly interface

RehumanizeCase Study: A travel agency in Goa was able to witness a 180% surge in inquiries when it joined Hotfrog India. They were successful in implementing the company’s worldwide access to help attract visitors from different countries to come and create local businesses.

Maximizing the Benefits of Business Listings

To make the business listings useful, practice these fruitful points:

  1. Consistent Information: Make sure your business details do not differ among the different platforms. Not only that, it creates a lot of excess thinking for customers but also it affects your position in the search results negatively.
  2. Complete Profiles: Put all the fillable sections on your business profiles. The more info you share, the simpler and swifter for clients to trust and identify you.
  3. High-Quality Photos: Get quality images for your company, the products, you offer, and the services you render. The written material you’re putting together can become a lot more attractive, leading to your PMF.
  4. Customer Reviews: our customers can have a positive experience by writing 5-star reviews. Respond to reviews, both positive and negative, and express that clients’ reviews are valuable to you.
  5. Keywords: It is necessary to insert the suitable keywords that best suit your business descriptions. Look up keywords that the clients would use when searching for a product or service similar to yours.
  6. Regular Updates: You will be able to keep your business description up-to-date. Keep your profiles updated with new photos, options, and coupons regularly.
  7. Local SEO: Make an optimized listing for the local search. In addition, location-related keywords should be included in your listings and your address must be written down correctly.


One of the main benefits of business listing sites in India is that it is a tool that helps companies expand their online presence, attract local customers, and obtain digital credibility. Through the correct use of social media platforms, businesses can enhance their visibility, gain more traffic, and in effect, increase sales. Whether you are a small local company or a large corporation, joining these directories will offer you big advantages against the strongly digitalized environment of the present day.

Do not let your business disappear. Get to the business listing sites and start the journey that will turn your production, customer relationship, and sales to a higher level.

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