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RehumanizeDuring this digital era, websites are essential to the development of a business. Many are not conscious but the maximum mutate method to enable the visibility of the web is a strategy to help business listing sites. There are various local listing sites where businesses in Canada can improve local SEO, gain traffic, and enhance brand recognition. In this blog post, we will present Canada’s top business listing sites and how they can help the business, using Problem-Agitation-Solution (PAS) copywriting to point out the importance of these sites.


RehumanizeOnline visibility is a concern for most Canadian businesses. They have websites and social media which are outlets that they heavily invest in but it doesn’t seem to return much of it. The primary problem here is not putting in quality or hard work but rather poor local SEO optimization. If they are not getting listed on local business directories, businesses are losing a significant amount of customer base who are searching for the product or service category in the local area.


Just think of the same–a small entrepreneur in Toronto who has invested a lot in designing a beautiful, comfortably used web page. Still, for all these undertakings, the website lies deep down in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This entrepreneur is pretty sure the people in their immediate surroundings are on the lookout for what they are offering but none of them is online to be found. After a time, what tends to bother the businessman is the fact that his competitor, whose webpage may look less an outstanding one, ranks far ahead in Google searches and business directory listings than his web page. This is far too often the case.


RehumanizeThe way to solve this particular problem is to improve local SEO by business listing sites. Quality Canadian business directories refer to businesses that can improve their online visibility, drive more traffic to their websites, and lastly increase sales. Here are some applicable Canadian business listing sites that necessarily should be considered by all local businesses.

Top Canada Business Listing Sites

1. Google My Business

Summary: Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool for businesses to manage their online presence on Google, which includes Search and Maps. Local SEO is the primary reason why it is essential, and it does help a business to be placed in location search results.

The advantages of Google My Business are given below:

  1. Visibility: Improves search and map results on Google.
  2. Engagement: This is the way to meet customers and share opinions by obtaining reviews or doing posts among companies.
  3. Insights: Allow customers to understand how the business is doing online.

Case Study:

RehumanizeA coffee shop in Toronto was able to show a 30% rise in foot traffic and an increase of 50% in the number of website visitors within 3 months by upgrading their GMB listing. This is how they got it: they have been empowering their stated information on the website, consistently updating and reviewing customer feedback.

2. Yelp Canada

Overview: Yelp is a well-liked platform that people visit if they want to see the latest reviews on a particular place, be it food, clothing, or even beauty. Businesses can claim their Yelp page and update information, respond to reviews, and add photos.


  1. Reputation Management: It is an excellent medium to handle and repair the business’s reputation with feedback from clients.
  2. Visibility: Realizes gradual improvements as Yelp is normally topping the list in local searches.
  3. Customer Trust: The primary objective in addressing fake good reviews and keeping the good ones.

Case Study: 

A Vancouver restaurant, which was mainly based in Vancouver, increased its reservation numbers by 100% only from the feedback that it gained on Yelp. They used this feedback to do product development and they are also the ones responsible for tipping off their satisfied customers and asking them to share reviews. Consequently, they started getting more benefits online for both their brand and story.

3. Yellow Pages Canada

Overview: Yellow Pages is a well-noted directory for businesses in Canada that made the change from the traditional print to a faster form of information.


  1. Brand Recognition: Capitalize on the already established brand name – Yellow Pages.
  2. SEO Boost: Based on the strong backlinks of the company’s website in search engines, which in turn increases traffic and impacts SEO positively.
  3. Local Targeting: For instance, targeting local clients could be done successfully.

Case Study: 

It was found that a plumbing service located in Montreal by listing on Yellow Pages Canada could draw 25% more calls. The listing had the desired effect of reaching out to the more extended audience, who in turn brought it to the top of the results in the search engines.

4. 411 Canada

Definition: 411 Canada is a big book where people can find what businesses and services are there in their local markets.


  1. Complete listings: A lot of details on the business is given.
  2. Customer impact: Gets to many users who are out there seeking local services.
  3. Advanced Search: The result of enhanced search engines is quicker connections to relevant companies.

Case Study: 

A cleaning service center company based in Calgary has seen an increase in requests which reached up to 40% through the platform called 411 Canada within the half year. So, these companies were getting in touch with a different customer segment which allowed them to hold the ground with their businesses.

5. Foursquare

Overview: Foursquare is an application that finds places based on the user’s location and a social network that allows users to see where their friends are checking in, as well as where the places are personally recommended by other users.


  1. Local Discovery: Allows business owners to take advantage of such a service as NewPlaces that connects the residents with their favorite businesses (stores/restaurants). Moreover, it helps users find their favorite spots in the community.
  2. User Engagement: Customer involvement is guaranteed through the use of check-ins and reviews.
  3. Data Insights: It knows what enterprises are buying, the items they are marketing, and even the visiting time. Therefore, Foursquare can provide enterprises with data on the behavior and preferences of their customers.

Case Study: 

The operation worked for an Ottawa shop that made a great overpass in foot traffic after claiming their Foursquare listing and throwing promotions. With the help of Foursquare’s data insights, they dug into customer

6. BBB (Better Business Bureau) Canada

Explanation: BBB is a non-profit agency that has been helpful since the day it was founded, in dealing with businesses in a legal, legitimate, and ethical way.


  1. Recognition Building: Building brand recognition, which in turn, improves their brand recognition with their clients somehow.
  2. Resolving Disputes: There is an avenue that both companies and customers can use to deal with conflicts and reach a resolution easily where the company becomes a web provider.
  3. Awarding: Bansal awarded the accreditation to the best companies that attained the levels that BBB set previously.

Case Study: 

A Toronto-based financial consultancy got the attention of several big clients after the business was accredited by the BBB. Their image was positively changed in the eyes of potential clients thus the terminology led to their higher transaction conversion rate.

7. Hotfrog Canada

Overview: Hotfrog is a global business directory by which businesses may find contact with local customers.


  1. Global Reach: Gain a global audience with worldwide coverage.
  2. Detailed Listings: Provide information like contact details and a general description of the business.
  3. SEO Benefits: Link-building and the creation of relevant content makes webinars successful.

Case Study: 

A Halifax marketing firm saw its number of clients grow by 20% after listing on Hotfrog Canada. The detailed listing and global reach helped them attract international clients.

8. Cylex Canada

Overview: Joining the Cylex Directory means getting access to a vast business directory for businesses and customers to find each other using this directory. It is widely popular in Canada and abroad.


  1. Local SEO: Enables the creation of a detailed and informative profile which in turn yields the desirable local SEO benefits for the businesses.
  2. Customer Reviews: Through a series of customer reviews, with the customers’ reviews of the service subsequently communicated to the public, a company can develop a strong online reputation:
  3. Category Listings: To ensure the user that he/she can be able to use this site to have a good experience this particular site needs to be listed everywhere in the relevant categories.

Case Study: 

Take for instance, the marketing of a Winnipeg-based IT service provider. It was a 35 percent increase in the number of users who came to the IT service provider

9. iBegin Canada

Overview: iBegin is a local business directory that makes it easy to find businesses by location and category.


  1. Targeted Listings: These allow your local business to be discovered by people looking for particular services.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: This increases online visibility and extends the people their business is visible to reach.
  3. Easy Management: It is a one-stop shop for properly dealing with business listings.

Case Study: 

A landscaping company from Edmonton that wanted to get the service demand increased took off due to the cooperation with iBegin Canada and had the service request increased by 30%. The targeted listings made them earn more customers because their locality was known to have these specific services.

10. CanadaOne

Overview: CanadaOne is a business directory service and a resource platform that is meant to help every Canadian business.


  1. Business Resources: The company provides various resources and tools that can assist businesses to have a continuous upward trajectory in their operations.
  2. Local SEO: Through enhanced local SEO detailed business listings, the website can acquire more traffic from search engines.
  3. Networking: To link up to potential businesses, the platform allows the user to meet new partners while bringing together existing companies.

Case Study: 

A Quebec City-based consultancy firm increased its customer quota by 25% as soon as it was listed on Canada. Their resources and consultancy opportunities were crucial factors in their development.


The use of local business directories for your business is beyond the mere getting of a wider audience; rather it is about touching base with customers in your local market and building a secure online presence for yourself. Each of the directories outlined above has different merits which can let companies from Canada have strong SEO in their localities, win more clients, and eventually, expand their businesses.

RehumanizeIt will be the best scenario if companies follow the case studies and make the best out of the three platforms when it comes to their invisibility in the digital world. Therefore, you should go ahead and list your business on these Canadian business directories today!

Call to Action: Get your hands dirty with local SEO and place your business on the following top Canadian business directories to be found online. The last thing you want is for your rivals to cloud your success simply because you never spoke or did anything. Increase your popularity, secure new customers, and detect your online growth.

Additional Tips:

  1. Make sure your business data is the same in different directories
  2. Be proactive in handling customer feedback and reply in seconds
  3. Be Consistent with your updates by using updated Photos, entries, and promotions.
  4. Refining your marketing strategies through the data that insight and data platforms provide. 

these steps will help you to gain the greatest profits from business listing sites and to innovate in your company.

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