How To Optimize Your Website With Free SEO Tools?

When it comes to SEO for websites, beginners always think of buying expensive tools to boost their site’s ranking and outperform the competitors. But, there are several free SEO tools available in the market that are as good as the paid ones and you can rely on them for quality SEO suggestions.

If you are new to SEO and looking for the best SEO tools to optimize your site, we are here to help you out. In this article, we will have a look at the top free SEO tools and how to use them for optimizing our sites.

Google Page Speed Insights

Page speed is among the most important ranking factors of 2021 and no website owner can ignore this factor. To check the page speed of your site, you can use the Google Page Speed Insights free tool. This free SEO tool will help you know both desktop and mobile speed. Along with the speed, you can also optimize your site and make it faster with Google’s free suggestions for improvements. You can choose a suitable SEO packages that help in page speed optimization.

Moz Local Listing Score

If you are into local business or even if you are running a multinational business, you need to keep your local listings optimized. This free tool from Moz will give you an overview of how your listings are looking at various platforms. Moz Local Listing Score fetches data from various sources and displays the results.

Along with this, it also shows you some improvements that you can implement on your local listings to boost your traffic.

For generating more organic traffic, you need to use a good amount of long-tail keywords to dominate your competitors. With, you can generate a lot of long-tail keywords just with a single click. Its free version is enough for beginners to get started.

Google Analytics

We can call it the most powerful free tool by Google that tells you each and everything about your site. You can check out how your visitors are interacting with the site and what are the top or low performing pages. This free tool must keep track of your SEO efforts and have a better understanding of customer behavior.

Google Search Console

Another best tool to optimize your site and make it technically robust is Google’s Search Console. This tool will let you manage all indexing related issues of your site and improve the organic ranking in a faster way. You can also check for what terms your site is ranking on the top positions.

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker

This is a free tool from popular Ahref and it gives you an overview of a domain’s backlink profile. It’s a handly on-the-go tool for checking your competitor’s backlink profile. This free tool gives you a lot of important information like domain rating, URL Rating, it’s the best tool to find instant link opportunities.

SEO Web Page Analyzer

Check the overall on-page SEO score of your web page for free by using the SEO Web Page Analyzer tool. All you need to scan a web page URL and this tool will give you insights and improvements that you can implement and boost your rankings.

Schema Creator

Google and other search engines pay a lot of attention to the website’s architecture and how well the content is optimized. Having a schema markup for your site is a major ranking signal from Google and you should also have one for your site. Use this Schema Creator free SEO tool to generate schema in no time and improve the visibility of your site.

SERP Robot

If you are looking for a free tool to analyze your site and check for which terms you are ranking and what are the positions, then SERP Robot is the best tool for you. This tool helps you scan your site up to five keywords and check where you are ranking. This tool could be used for a quick competitive analysis also.

XML Sitemaps Generator

Whether you are running an eCommerce site or a service-based site, having an XML sitemap for your site is a must. It makes the crawling process easier for the bots and it optimizes your site’s crawl budget. This tool is free and you can generate a quick sitemap that you can upload to your website’s root folder.

Yoast SEO

When we are talking about free SEO tools, Yoast will always be on the list. This is a very powerful tool that lets you manage your on-page SEO in the most hassle-free way. Millions of websites are using Yoast and it makes the SEO process easier even if you are not into technical site optimization.

These were some of the best and top free SEO tools that you can use and optimize your site for better rankings. All the tools are either completely free or they offer a freemium version and that’s more than enough to get started.

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