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How To Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Website

The web is controlled primarily by links. To every webmaster, links are one of the most significant things. With the advent of the search engines and Google, subscriptions to internet plans such as Verizon FiOS in my area became mandatory for every household and workplace. People who ventured into digital marketing learned the things which were important for search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) began to get more traction and therefore, backlinks became a primary element in the success of SEO.

Building backlinks is crucial to the success of any and every webmaster. Let’s figure out some of the most effective ways to get quality backlinks.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is perhaps one of the most effective and best ways to get backlinks, which are high in quality. Even though this method is really effective, there are still some things that you need to consider. Read on:

  • Article marketing will only be fruitful if you are doing it on the relevant sites. For instance, if you own an SEO company, you should only focus on posting your content on the sites from the SEO niche.
  • It is important to use anchor text effectively. If done so, you will be able to promote your website better. And if don’t use the relevant, right, or catchy anchor text, your link will probably become valueless.
  • Make sure that you send your articles to quality and reputable article directories, which are well established and have some authority in the search engines.

Press Release

Proper use of press release sites is another great way to get your hands on some quality backlinks. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If done well, you can actually get a lot of high-quality backlinks from the sites related to press release. Because these sites supply content to many smaller websites which can be picked by news sites easily. This means that you get more quality backlinks and more exposure.
  • Make sure that your titles are catchy and newsworthy. This will get more people attracted thus greater chances for the press release.
  • Make sure that you have at least one link in your content’s body to your website. This will not let people scrape your content without giving you any credit.

Social Networking Sites Profiles

This is perhaps the most under-utilized methodology when it comes to getting quality backlinks. Social media has a lot of potential in this regard. Let’s enlighten you:

  • Social networking and bookmarking sites have a really high page rank. And this rank will automatically flow to the accounts that you have.
  • Most of these sites readily allow you to add the links to other sites and your site in the bio. Use this strategy often.
  • Do not underestimate the power of links on social networking sites. Use them wisely and get a huge number of quality backlinks.

Link Exchange

It may sound a very old-fashioned strategy, but it still works pretty well. You can get some link exchanges in order to get good rankings for some particular keywords. Know that:

  • While you are trying to get some quality backlinks via link exchanges, it is significant to have a distinct website where you can place other people’s links.
  • Beware of being penalized by the search engines.

Guest Blogging

Without a doubt, it is a great way to build one-way backlinks to your site. It is a popular strategy to get high-quality links because:

  • Unlike article marketing, backlinks that are built via guest blogging are authority and high-quality.
  • Google trusts guest posting blogs and sites highly and therefore, they don’t publish any plagiarized content. This proves that their backlinks are quality.
  • Many blogs, which welcome guest posts, have a really high page rank. And that means that your article is going to stay for some time on their homepage.
  • If you are capable of writing a great article, you get to have more people and sites to link to it. As a result, you get more authority, which is transferred to your site.

Document Sharing Websites

Consider submitting your eBooks and articles to the document sharing sites. It can get you many quality backlinks. Here is how to do it just right:

  • Compile your blog posts and always save them in pdf format. Then upload them to the file-sharing sites (this leaves a backlink to your site automatically).
  • Some people are scared of using this method but it actually gives you some amazing backlinks. Because document sharing sites are highly trusted by Google.
  • Most of these websites are do-follow.

Remember that getting quality backlinks is not as easy as subscribing to one of the Cox Packages. It takes hard work, consistency, and innovative faculties. Good luck with getting incredible backlinks!

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