Targeting Branded Vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

A good online presence is necessary for every business in the digital world of today’s age. You can run an efficient digital marketing campaign with the help of digital storefronts, or advertisement campaigns, or by making the use of social media. The audience wants services and products of good quality and for this they make active searches. For any question or query they go to Google and type the phrase or word. Google will show a large number of webpages which will include results for the word or phrase. We call these phrases and words as keywords in digital marketing. Now a question arises on what type of phrases you need to focus on? Are these SEO keywords or branded keywords?

  • For displaying something on SERPs the priority is given to branded websites by Google and this reality is known to us for a long time.
  • Giving you the best possible results is the goal of the search engine.
  • If a branded website offers an item that is known to everyone then the users will definitely go and buy it. Why will they go to an unknown website that can be full of risks?
  • It is crucial for you to make brand searches by making the use of a brand keyword if you want to increase your conversions and get good rankings.

In this situation you cannot call it the best strategy to go for the brand search terms that are optimized. For a few people it may be the best choice to stay with the SEO keywords only. Now I am going to tell you whether you should focus on an SEO keyword or a branded keyword.



Difference between SEO keywords and Branded keywords

Traditional SEO keywords

  • For certain phrases the competition and search volume are the two important factors which decide whether to target a site or not. We call these phrases as SEO keywords.
  • If you use some phrases like “best men’s slippers” and “online dining table review” and perform an optimization process then it is possible for your website to rank well in the search results. It will also bring natural search traffic to your site.

Let us look at some examples for this:

(a)Buy stool online



(b)Cushion for sale

(c)Best Plier

Branded keywords

  • If the name of your company is included in the search queries or phrases then these are called as branded keywords.

Some of its examples are:

(a)Yo99 marketing

(b)Yo99 blog

(c)Rick Yo99

  • Many businesses have incorporated in their marketing plans, SEO keyword as well as brand keyword. It is because the search engine has started focusing on brands.
  • In a PPC campaign a general practice is if you do bidding on your phrases. But if you will not do this then your rival will do this for your phrases and will get a better position on SERPs.

Targeting Branded keywords vs. SEO keywords

  • If you have a website and you want a perfect balance between SEO keyword and brand keyword for it then you cannot find a single solution for this that fits all. But you can easily develop a strategy for your business by taking the help of various tools.
  • If you rank well for a traditional SEO keyword, will it make any changes in your position in the SERPs if you rank for a brand keyword?

Yes. If the people are searching for a branded keyword and if these searches shift the position of your rival above yours then it will leave a bad impression about your website on the minds of the people. You will be surprised to know that the people who trust and like you have actually made these searches. It has been found that if you use a brand keyword then it will double your conversion rate.

Driving conversion by using paid listing and brand keywords

  • Your conversion rate will get doubled if you use a brand keyword instead of a traditional SEO keyword.
  • Your conversion rate will increase by 1.5 times if you use paid listing instead of organic listing.

If you want to get listed on the top of the SERPs then do optimization in a way that whenever a user clicks on the link of your website, he can get the best possible results.

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