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So, you’ve either just decided or been looking forward to expressing your words and thoughts through a blog, and want to make it public digitally. But, I guess you are still in the research mode and trying to figure out or decide on a perfect, easy to manage yet budget friendly hosting ally for your hobby blog.

Now, I must say that, as you are reading this, you know or have a fair knowledge of WordPress. If not then I’ll just try and elaborate it to you.

Close to 40% of all the websites running on the internet today happen to be powered by WordPress, as it is the simplest and one of the most popular ways to create a personal or professional website or a blog. From a more technical perspective, WordPress is an open-source content management system. In simple words, anyone at anytime and anywhere in the world can use and modify his or her WordPress website through the WordPress software for free. It is even easy to access for any layman or a newbie in web development.

In case you are looking for a perfect WordPress hosting solution that is efficient, approachable and has a helping hand to offer. Apart from this, if you struggle with anything regarding the development of your WordPress, then trust me MilesWeb is best WordPress hosting fit for you.

Why MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is a hosting provider with a client portfolio that includes Express Inn, Fortis Hospitals, D Y Patil Group, and many other powerhouses in their respective fields. It isa hosting provider offering managed and unmanaged hosting solutions, with world-class technology and 24/7 support. The company pioneered in 2012 has lived up to the name and now is miles ahead when it comes to the web hosting business. All types of web hosting solutions are offered by them such as shared, VPS, cheapest shared hosting, cloud, dedicated, WordPress and application hosting.

Completely Managed WordPress Hosting

As you are new to the arena and just starting your journey with your blog you need someone to guide you throughout your journey. In that case, MilesWeb makes it easier for you as they did it for me when I was just in the initial stage of my blogging. They just lift the entireburden off your shoulders through heavy-lifting server management tasks and let you focus on your actual business. Their technical team looks after all the technicalities of WordPress updates, monitoring and modifying PHP as per your requirement, and they even take care of the server optimization to make our digital presence hassle-free.

Free Domain on Offer

With free domain, in my opinion what MilesWeb tries to convey is we just need to select a proper hosting variant and everything else regarding our website will be taken care of right from the much needed domain. If the domain comes free of cost, what else could a blogger ask for?

Faster Storage Option

All theplans at MilesWeb offer SSDs, resulting in a faster data storage process in comparison to the HDDs due to the flash technology present in the SSDs for high performance.

Hassle-free and speedy installations

MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting comes with an optimized and fine-tuned WordPress hosting environment. Apart from this, WordPress installation is done using certified themes and plugins only saving your time and efforts to manage the optimum performance.

Automatic WordPress Updates

Your WordPress website will be automatically updated, with the software taking care of all this at the backend. The prompt service team at MilesWeb will always be in touch with you to notify you about the new releases if any occurs, to take care of the timely updates of the same on your website.

Zero Charge Migration Policy

If in case you already have a blog running with some other host, and you are looking to migrate then need not worry. With an in-house team to manage the migration of your website in accordance with your convenience, migration of your data from your existing host to MilesWeb becomes a cakewalk, without any extra charge.

Best Security for Your Website and Secured Email Access

With the free installation of an SSL certificate, your WordPress website gets full armored security, which helps in improving the trust of the visitors and even gets you a step ahead in the SEO game. Apart from this, you will even get to create unlimited email accounts on MilesWeb managed WordPress hosting plans with the IMAP, SMTP/POP3 support to accompany.

Server Location As Per Your Traffic Needs

With multiple data centers available, MilesWeb again puts us in the driver’s seat, so as to cater our traffic with an ease of access to our website i.e. to make our website lag proof for the visitors.

Easily Accessible and Free Knowledge Base

For a newbie like me when I started writing blogs there were several un-answered questions and queries. MilesWeb hasrather guided me at times, not just to resolve my issues or answer my questions but have also suggested unique tips and tricks through their free knowledge base to improve the performance of my website, & enhance the number of viewers or increase the traffic on my website.

What about the Pricing then?

For me it was the Turbo plan which suited my needs out of those available, the rest is up to you. Select whichever suits your preference and budget.


The Final Word

For me, MilesWeb has turned out to be a milestone in my blogging journey. What I asked for was delivered, and what I needed was provided for the improvement of the performance of my website. So, I’ll even suggest you consider MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting for your blogs and just allow yourself to focus on the right thing, which is to deliver great words of thoughts and experience for your visitors.

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