Windows Cloud Server Hosting: All You Need To Know

Were you also looking for on-demand computing? Well, now in the age of cloud computing technology it comes as no surprise. The technology takes pride in the kind of development it has shown i.e. so many types of hosting services and improvement in the processing of computing hardware.

When more than one web servers are connected in an intricately designed infrastructure but properly spread at the same time. All of this forms the hosting framework for cloud server computing. The traditional hosting framework is not even close to the current framework. Factors like ease of configuration, performance, and security have been improved and modified. Windows’ world known graphical user interface is made even more flexible when combined with cloud technology. This combination has made Windows cloud hosting a masterpiece. Windows is famous for its easy authentication mechanism through a built-in RDP client. This has opened more ways to login into your server and has eliminated the possible lag in time. To obtain all of this, you don’t have to download any additional software.

All of these features create a misconception that Windows cloud hosting would be pricey, but the reality is quite opposite. Windows cloud hosting comes at a very affordable price. But let’s first get to know whether it is worth the price-

Why Windows cloud hosting?

The distinguished and robust features that Windows cloud hosting presents is what makes it so special. Let’s get to know them one by one-

  1. Exceptional flexibility and scalability-  flexibility and scalability are those two features of which Windows cloud hosting is much proud of. As every business is unique in its own way and thus their requirement of resources varies from one another. Some need to be scaled up from time to time. There are some who need vertical scaling and the rest of them need horizontal scaling. The major purpose is to make use of all the resources and none of them must go to waste. Scalability of Windows cloud hosting is its most demanding feature and is considered to be value for money technology. There will be many times when factors like CPU, RAM, and bandwidth will be required more. Times like these will make you appreciate the scalability of a Windows cloud server.
  2. Powered API

Windows cloud hosting is available with most kinds of cloud APIs. The most famous cloud APIs are PaaS, SaaS, and SaaS. Cloud APIs simplify the difficulty of accessing web control panels. If one wants to utilize the maximum benefits and efficiency of advanced cloud networking, then quickly migrate to a Windows cloud server.

  1. Timely backups

The very moment your website or application is been hosted in a cloud environment, scheduling backups manually becomes the task of your server. The task of taking daily, weekly or monthly backups becomes an automatic operation. Even if you are comfortable with manual backup then you can ask for it anytime.

  1. Efficient resource allotment 

Resource allotment is one such feature for which cloud computing is preferred. This feature takes care of managing and allocating your resources in the required manner. There are supplementary resources whose requirement arises from time to time. Cloud computing allocates these resources at the right place and at the right time.

  1. Round the clock availability 

Availability of resources or assistance is something that Windows cloud server hosting never compromises on. The architecture of a Windows cloud server is designed in this way to keep your website online 24*7. There is no scope of downtime at any aspect or instant. The backup procedure is so efficient that you can expect zero failures or hardware issues once hosted over a Windows cloud server.

  1. Customized ISO

Windows cloud server hosting comes with the implementation of custom ISO. You as a client can mount and configure images over cloud instances as per your comfort. Afterward, they can be run through boots

These were some of the exceptional features of Windows cloud server hosting. But you as a user must understand the best time to buy it. The deciding factors to buy a Windows cloud server are as follows-

  • What is the genre of your website?
  • What is coding language been used in the development of your website?
  • What is the target audience of your website?
  • What are your expected returns?
  • What is the type of clientele base?
  • What is your budget?

Once you are sorted with all these factors, you are good to go for Windows cloud server hosting. We would suggest you put major stress on the last-mentioned factor. This is because based on that you will be selecting the plan. There are experts to consult you even more on this if you still have doubts running in your mind.

Drawbacks of Windows cloud hosting

There are very few drawbacks associated with Windows cloud hosting. But it’s important to get to know them. Let’s go through all of them one by one-

  1. Compatibility issues– Most of the websites and hosts are designed keeping in mind Linux. This poses compatibility issues when the whole environment is taken over the Windows platform. This issue might appear but very few of the developers have reported it till now.
  2. Cost issues– A windows server is anytime costlier than other web hosting servers. The sole reason behind this is that the license for Windows web hosting does not come free of cost. Whereas other kinds of servers like Linux, Ubuntu, Unix, etc. comes without any license fees.
  3. More prone to malware– Windows server goes through security issues due to the less stable hosting environment. This makes it more prone to malware and viruses. This calls for the need for frequent rebooting to avoid any elongated and enlarged security issues.

Despite these issues, Windows cloud server hosting is better than many cloud server hosting plans. Once you get used to its environment it becomes hard to find that comfort in any other OS. So even if the migration needs a little extra work, it is completely worth it.

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