How To Identify Blogs That Accept Guest Posts?

There are quite a few different ways to get your blog out there. Simply having a blog is not enough. It is a little like having a business card in the tailor’s hands. Eventually, the business owner gets the card in the hands of the tailor, who then sleeves up his nerves and says: “Well, here we go. I give you my regards as a new client.”

Yes, clients shirts and credentials are in the hands of the web designer, webmaster, business owner, or SEO expert. And that is where the shyness sets in. The one thing that most people do not want to hear is that creating a website is not enough. Even if you have invested a lot of money in having a great site created, and even if you pay web designers exorbitant amounts of money to create a website, you cannot just sit back and take it lying down.

Webmaster Point of View

Web designers will see websites as the site builder’s nakedly shameless attempt to grab at customers. The end result? The site gets thrown into the depths of the internet pit known as the search engines.

Why does a web designer create a website? 

The answer is simple. Web designers create sites that look flashy. The sites may look fierce, might seem to boggle the imagination, and might seem like a great deal. The trouble is: people are not inclined to navigate or look around at all. People are looking for a specific result. They get the result, and then they look for the next result. You could put a site up and people look at it for an hour and they would never come back to it again. That is the danger of flash sites.

Still want to take a lesson from the movies? Of course you do! Go see how ” capacity things ” in “.

So, does it matter in the big scheme of things if your site only catch a tiny bit of attention?  Of course it does.  Will prosperity depend on how much attention your lowly site gets? Of course not!  Your website is going to be just another notch high on the internet and no one will remember it even if they were at a concert looking for your blot and you sell menus by the outfit.

Right Ways of Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is intact and correct. It is the best way to get your traffic nowadays. Those of us who understand it are doing it right along. Why?  We know that sites that are optimized well do better than their competition, even though they might not understand all the dynamics of SEO.

When will your site be optimized?  That is the question. Is now close to now?  I personally hope that it is September 2005.  The time frame?  I don’t know.  shoot for August.

What is your goal for your site?  

Is it for capacity? Is it for advertising? Is it to sell?  Not just to go so that you can go on a date with the pretty lady on the bluff?  You got to have your site filtered and then re-optimized for excellent search engine results.  You got to make sure that your SEO experts get paid properly for the work that they put into your site.  Is that an important question?  Why?  I do not know.


You got to make sure that the people you work with in your SEO business do not treat your site as just another pretty flower or else they will not get paid properly either.  What is your goal?  Will your website bring you new business?  Not just head scratching money.  Yes, I know that is a select number of scenarios, but I personally guarantee that you will not get paid properly if your website is not optimized.

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