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How Do I File The Previous Year’s Tax Return TurboTax?

TurboTax is an outstanding and the most amazing tax computing software that helps all its users to easily file taxes as well as file previous year’s tax returns without any fuss. Not only it has different versions for different users, but also it keeps on introducing many up-gradations and features in order to increase its fan base. No doubt, the process of taxation appears to be immensely difficult and complicated, and many of the users even do not know the ways to file returns, but with TurboTax, everything is possible. However, there are many important questions that need to be answered, such as how to open old TurboTax File without TurboTax or Ways to file a tax return of TurboTax. Here, in this blog, you can read about the various ways in which one can file last year’s tax return TurboTax. Read this blog to know more! It is the IRS that requires you to file a tax return. However, many taxpayers often fail to file a return when required. However, you can simply file the Tax Returns, but it is not that complicated; you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Common ways to get a copy of your Tax Return Instantly

You must know that you can simply request copies of your IRS for seven tax years in the most recent. Indeed, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can get you a copy of your tax returns from the most recent tax years. Apart from that, you can also request copies, as all you need to do to prepare Form 4506, and then you must attach a payment of $ 50 for each one. Just after the IRS receives a request, it will take 60 days to process in Agency. Once you file your tax with the help of TurboTax CD/Download Product, your tax will be completely kept on your computer. You can simply print a copy anytime, anywhere. If you do want to proceed with TurboTax Online, you can simply log in, and then you can also print the copies of your Tax Return. Check out the common steps to do it. Also, the users often keep on seeking the answer to how to open old TurboTax Files? However, many also keep on looking for the steps to get a copy of the Tax Return. Here in this blog, you can check out a few important ways to get a copy of your Tax Return.

Tips to follow to get a copy of your Tax Return 

You can simply request copies of your IRS Tax Returns of seven tax years recently. However, it is true that the IRS can ensure you reliable copies of your tax return recently for seven tax years. One can request copies of Returns by preparing Form 4506. With that, you are supposed to attach a payment of $50 for each one of them. As soon as the IRS acknowledges your request, it may take not less than 60 days for processing. Supposedly you have filed your taxes with the help of TurboTax CD/Download product; your tax return file must be stored in your computer so that anytime you can get a print or file a copy anytime. Supposedly, if you do use the Online Version of TurboTax, you can simply log in and then print copies of your Tax Return and that too for free.

  • Download Form 4506

This is the only way to get your copies of your Tax Return from the IRS, and you can easily fill Form 4506 with IRS. However, you can simply download this particular form from the official website of the IRS

  • Enter the needed Data or Credentials 

You are supposed to enter your name and also the social security number just at line number 1. Now, if you have filed a Return Joint for any of the years, it means you are requesting to get more copies. Then, you are also required to enter your spouse’s name and social security number on line 2.

  • Fill up your Address

On line number 3, you must also enter your current address. Now, supposedly if your current address is different from the address you have entered in your past filed returns, you must enter the past address on line 4. Apart from that, if you want your tax Return sent directly to the third party such as the bank evaluating your mortgage application, there only you can enter their credentials, including their name, address, phone number at Line number 5. Now, supposedly, if you do leave line number 5 blank, the IRS will directly mail your tax return to your current address.

  • Enter Form Used

At first, On line number 6, you are supposed to file your Federal Income. Apart from that, if you do request a personal income tax return, then you must have filed forms like 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, or 1040-SR. Apart from that, you must also enter the Tax Years that you are requesting but make sure you do mention it on line number 7.

  • One must enter the Number of Returns. 

On line number 8b, you are supposed to enter the number of Returns that you are requesting. In 2020, the IRS will charge $50 for every Return. Now, you must multiply the times of returns that you are requesting, and this must be done in Line 8b, which appears to be an application fee on line 8a. After this, you are supposed to enter the total or entire fees on the Line 8c.

  • You must Sign-in and Mail.

At first, you are supposed to sign the form and then mail it to the proper address of the IRS. Now on Page 2 of Form 4506, which demands or experts, you to mail your request to the address which is listed for where you use to live when you filed the Original Return. Now, before mailing, make sure you do fulfill the entire payment, or else IRS will not process your request.

By following the above-given steps, one can simply obtain a file of TurboTax for the last years. You must follow the steps one by one in order to get a copy of the Tax Returns. It is a lengthy process, and so one needs to stay extremely patient and calm.

Can I use TurboTax for previous Years? 

Honestly, one cannot use online TurboTax if one wishes to file for the past years. However, TurboTax online is only for the current or present tax year. However, if you wish to file the previous year’s tax file, you are supposed to use the CD. Apart from this, one can also download the software of TurboTax and then fill the year or years, whichever you do need. Apart from this, you can simply purchase or buy downloads. Indeed, for every year, there is a separate program designed, and individually you have to buy one for the year you have been seeking files for. Yes, TurboTax does not allow returns from the past years that need to be e-filled. Everything needs to do is to print the previous year’s tax returns, and then you must sign them, and then you must file them via mail.

What is TurboTax Form 4506? And who can file it?

Users of TurboTax often keep on seeking answers to the questions like how to open .tax file without TurboTax? Or How to obtain a copy of your tax returns? Or who can file Form 4506? Let’s try to understand some hidden facts about Form 4506.

  • First of all, Form 4506 can be easily filled by the Taxpayers if they wish to request specific copies of last year’s filed tax returns, including all the tax information as well.
  • However, it is true that the users can also request for a range of various and different kinds of previously filed or past year tax returns
  • Now, supposedly, if you do not need an exact or specific copy, then it is with the help of Forms 4506-T and 4506 – T- EZ will ensure you to request transcripts. With the help of these forms only, one can simply file a tax return.
  • Any Tax Payers who wish to check out or request copies of a prior year’s  tax return can file the form of 4506
  • One can also request the sending of a copy to any third party

This blog clarifies and throws light on various factors associated with TurboTax, including the forms and their importance. If you want to obtain or get a copy of Tax Returns of any of the prior years, you can simply read this blog to know more about the important forms associated with it. After reading this blog, you will definitely develop a strong and clear concept regarding the process of obtaining the tax returns for any previous years. Read this blog to understand and develop a fundamental concept of tax returns.


This short blog deals with various issues related to filing previous year’s taxes with TurboTax. Also, you will also get a chance to learn how to get a copy of tax returns. In fact, we have come up with all the details related to previous year’s tax filing. Moreover, you will also get to know about form 4506 of TurboTax.

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