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TripAdvisor Ranking: An Important Factor To Influence Your Customer’s Choice

If you are a traveler then you will look for comfortable accommodations, great places to explore, and good food and culture to experience. That is why globetrotters prefer to research before planning any trip to avoid any bad experience. 

Hence, in this digital era, good reviews and ratings majorly work to make the globetrotters choose the best places during their trip. There are many online review platforms that hold the best reviews and ratings of hotels and restaurants, one of them is TripAdvisor. And if your travel business holds a good ranking on TripAdvisor then it is a tram card for your business. 

Thus, many businesses have started to add TripAdvisor reviews on their brand website to boost traffic and hence improve ranking. Remember that a good ranking will always influence potential travelers to choose your business over competitors. 

In this article, we will break down why it is crucial for your travel business to hold a good ranking on TripAdvisor. Along with that will also tell you the factors that will help you improve your ranking. This will definitely help your travel business. 

Hook to this article to gather all the fruitful information. 

Reason To Enhance Your TripAdvisor Ranking

Let’s start with statistics to understand why it is so important to improve your TripAdvisor ranking. As per the study of Expanded Dramlings, TripAdvisor records 463 million unique visitors every month and they visit to explore 859 million reviews before booking hotels. So, can you imagine how many potential travelers can find your business? 

Even if your hotel business is not so popular, the reviews of the trustable TripAdvisor users can bring you to the notice of the potential globetrotters. The immense popularity of your business on the TripAdvisor platform can boost booking and also influence travelers to choose your business again. 

Thus, instead of spending dimes on making your website attractive with photography and other elements, it will be a great idea to add a TripAdvisor review widget to your website. If your existing travelers have shared a great experience with their stay and services with you on the reviews it will lure potential travelers to make bookings with you. This strategy will be more effective and successful than any traditional advertisement which helps your business to secure a good ranking over the internet. 

Factors Help In Improving The TripAdvisor Ranking

As already summed up to you above, the reason for earning a good TripAdvisor ranking we are now moving on to the factors that will directly affect your ranking. The algorithm of TripAdvisor is definitely complex and will determine your ranking which has not been clearly revealed by this review platform.

But it has been figured out that it takes 3 major elements into account that will determine your ranking. Each of them is clearly defined below so that you can have a deeper look and understanding that will help you as well to improve your TripAdvisor ranking. 

  1. Quantity of reviews

The first element that you need to give your focus on is the quantity or the number of reviews your travel business has on the TripAdvisor platform. In this case, a  study has been conducted by TripAdvisor itself which reveals that 53% of travelers avoid making bookings with a property that has fewer reviews or zero reviews.  

Thus, you need to focus on receiving a good number of reviews. If you see that less number of people are coming back to share their reviews on your establishment then it can be a factor of your worries. The more reviews you receive from your customers on TripAdvisor it will help your organization to rank better. This will make your business more visible to potential travelers and influence them to book with you. 

  1. Quality of reviews

You must be wondering what your property lacks if you see your competitor has received the same number of reviews as yours but people are choosing them. And also they have a better ranking than yours but why? This may be because of the difference in the quality of reviews they and you have. 

Hence, the quality of the reviews matters a lot in the ranking factor of a business on the TripAdvisor platform. Thus, if your competitors have more five-star reviews as compared to your potential travelers will avoid booking your property. In this situation, it is not a point to make the unhappy customers happy but to encourage the happy customers to share their reviews. The more good reviews you receive it will increase the chances of improving your ranking. 

  1. Old reviews

The last factor here that can affect your ranking is the old reviews. It is also an important factor to get your notice. Your potential customers will not make bookings with your property relying on a 3-year-old review. Most probably in these 3 years, you have brought major changes in your services. And there is a possibility that your services get even better than before. 

Keep in mind that old reviews will have zero visibility as potential customers always look for updated reviews to make more informed decisions. Thus, if you want to bag a better ranking in TripAdvisor then keep updating the reviews with new ones. A fresh flow of reviews will have a positive impact on your potential customer’s immediate choice. 

Summing Up

This article has given you information about why it is important for your travel business to hold a good ranking on TripAdvisor. Along with that, it has also told you the factors that will help you improve your ranking.

Thus, to maintain a good ranking on TripAdvisor it is crucial for your business to maintain the balance between the factors quantity of reviews, quality of reviews and maintain a fresh flow of reviews as mentioned in this article. 

Now maintain a good TripAdvisor ranking of your business to become the primary choice of the potential travelers and thrive in the travel industry.

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