Top 5 secrets of eCommerce website design
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Top 5 Secrets of Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce website design services are getting popular each day. The shifting interest of the public and sellers towards online retailing has increased pressure on brand owners to develop and maintain their web interface effectively. It is quite mind-boggling to find the best interface for your web store as it needs to be responsive yeast appealing and interactive at the same moment. 

Etrosoft has been in the market for the past 13 years and rightly understand the customer’s needs and the challenges of eCommerce stores. There are plenty of guides available online who have talked about dos’ and don’ts of laying out an eCommerce website design. But, do you want to know about the 5 secret tips of an eCommerce web design that are ensured to boost your sales? We have gathered here the top 5 factors which are guaranteed to fuel your business. 

Secret #01: Incorporate Simplicity

A customer appreciates nothing more than a responsive website and a sleek design. Whether it is the home page or any product page, ease of navigation must be the priority in your eCommerce website design. It keeps the user hooked, engaged, and excited to find out more. 3 handy tips are here to achieve the best blend of simplicity and trendiness. 

  • Categorize: Categories allow efficient sorting while ensuring a perfect display of all the items on sale. Whether you are selling clothes or some electronic gadgets, categorize all your products with prominent headers associated with sub-headings. 
  • Clutter: Do not gather all your products on one page. Keep it to 5-10 items per page for easier navigation and an enhanced buyer experience. Plenty of products arranged haphazardly on a single page will only end up irritating your customer. 
  • Big NO to Text: A web page filled with loads of text will do very little to impress the customers. In contrast to that, pictures and visual aid improve the overall appeal and give the user an idea of the dimension, quality, and specifications of the product. Incorporate text only as a support rather than using it as the main idea projector. 

Secret #02: Maintain Product Listing

Product listing is a significant part of showcasing your products. There are often very overlapping products that might leave the customer confused. For instance, the tables can be of very types e.g., computer, dining, study, etc. Do not stuff all different types under a parent name i.e., the table in this case. Pay special attention to the product listing to improve sales. Our golden 3 tips are here to make the process easier for you. 

  • Avoid Hovering: The main tab of products must spread out upon clicking to let the user have a bird eye view of the product range. Hovering often ends up in a bad user experience and limited attention span. 
  • Short Descriptions: Upon landing on the specific category page, a brief introduction of the product is imperative to distinguish it from another product. For example, in the case of clothing, it can be color, fabric, size, and design, etc. The most important of the mentioned points are the price which needs to be highlighted with every article. 
  • Use Images: As already discussed, pictures and videos improve the visual appeal and convince the user to buy the article. Images defining every section of unpacked product work wonder in generating leads. Product reviews by the customers can also be listed along with the product images in the eCommerce website design. 

Secret #03: Facilitate the customer

A customer is a pivotal point around which the marketing strategies revolve and evolve. The digital display is one of the dimensions of marketing your content. Cash this opportunity and make the buying experience simple, sleek, and enjoyable with your eCommerce website design. 3-time proven tactics are at your hand to serve your customers effortlessly. 

  • Filters: Introducing filters facilitates the searching process and helps the consumer to find an item suiting their needs. There is no one fit for all formulas in eCommerce. Let your customer enjoy the season’s best sale by refining their search queries.
  • Capture Attention: You can easily grab the attention through pop-ups of ‘Fresh Arrivals’, ‘New Arrivals’, and ‘Items on Sale’. Keep the user engaged by suggesting different items and best sellers. This not only influences their shopping behavior but also makes them believe that they are special and important to the seller.  

However, consider doing this only when the user is showing the least activity on the page. It can otherwise budge the user and can end up in a poor user experience.  

  • Guest Cart: Allow guest cart option to keep the customer engaged. The hassle of signing up and making an account often irritates the user and leads to cart abandonment. Offer them a smooth shopping and checking out experience. After check out, you can politely mention to sign up with an account on the e-store but do not enforce it. 

Secret #04: Improve the visual appeal

The famous saying; “The first impression is the last permission” holds in an eCommerce business. Competition is tough and you have to stay above all others. Let’s check out the top 3 tips that can help you project an impressive image of your web store. 

  • Color Palette: It casts a striking effect on the eye. Take special care to choose your brand colors and stick to them. For example, red, pink, and orange are excellent choices for clothing or makeup products as they are vibrant, energetic, and appeal female gender. 

On the other hand, grey, black, white, off-white can go well with electronic gadgets. The color choice is much subjective but it must not put the user off at first glance. 

  • Font: Legible font without incomprehensible designs proves effective in casting a positive effect on the customer. Stylish and trendy fonts can be used for headers or banners but it is not a wise choice to follow that font in body text. Simplicity is the key. Keep it in mind. 
  • Stay native: By this we mean, do not experiment with new things. Do not use symbols, icons, or letters that are unfamiliar to the customers. Play safe with the established trends and rock with a trendy eCommerce website design. 

Secret #05: Build a secure site

Privacy of personal information and data transactions worries online customers. You can overcome this barrier by using a secured server. Secure sockets layer certificates certify the trustworthiness and reliability of the website. It denotes the safety of private data and checkout from the website. Acquire security badges to win the trust of customers. 

Various security badges include Norton secured, Shopify secured, McAfee Secure, VeriSign Trusted, and many more. Some companies even consider offering insurance to the users in case of a proven fraudulent transaction. Choose your option and serve customers with your secured eCommerce website design. 

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