Install Spyware On Android Phone Without Physical Access

How to Install Spyware on Android Phone Without Physical Access

The spyware applications have become the need of the hour. The widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet has made it crucial to supervise the cell phone use of children and even adults. The employers across the world have been using different mobile phone monitoring software to monitor cell phone use of their workers to prevent them from unproductive activities. Similarly, the parents of digital natives are required to supervise the online and offline activities of their teens and tweens to protect them from bullies, predators, scammers and scoundrels. In this article, we have discussed the use of Android monitoring software and the way to install spyware on android phone.

Android Monitoring Software

There are scores of monitoring and tracking applications rightly available that allow spying on cell phone devices of someone else such as TheOneSpy and mSpy. These apps are intended for parents and employers for the legitimate monitoring of cell phone devices of children and employees. The Android monitoring software allows the end-user to track and control the targeted smartphone without having physical access to that device. You can control and monitor the device via online portal of the spyware software. The end-user of software is provided with confidential credentials of online account which is also called control panel. This control panel lets the user take over the targeted device anytime and from anywhere.

How to Install Spyware on Android Phone

There is a simple method to install spyware software on android phone. The installation process of all popular Android spy app is almost similar. However, we have shared here the process to install TheOneSpy spyware app on android mobile phones.

Things to know before Installation

First, before you purchase the android monitoring software, you must be clear about its compatible devices. The spyware supports Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, HTC, Motorola and many other popular android phone brands running Android OS versions 5 and greater. Your targeted cell phone must be compatible with the software.

Secondly, your mobile phone must be connected to with the internet throughout the installation process. Moreover, it should be fully charged. Though, the installation does not take long it is always good to stay prepped up.

Thirdly, the android monitoring software of TheOneSpy comes in different packages i.e., Lite, xLite and Premier. If you have purchased Premier package, you need to root your targeted smartphone. There are different rooting services that let you root your device such as Kingo Root and Root Cern. Use any of these to efficiently root your cell phone.

Step 1

Once you purchase the Android monitoring software, you are needed to download and install it on the targeted cell phone. If it is not convenient to access and get the targeted cell phone installed with spy software, there are a few tricks you can try. Some spy applications offer smartphones preinstalled with spy software. You can present a mobile phone preinstalled with android monitoring app to your children or the target.

Step 2

Download the spy app on the targeted cell phone. Go to the official website of the spyware software and download the apk file of the software.

Step 3

Open or run the downloaded application from downloads. As you run apk file, the following screen will notify you about things the spyware app will get access to. If your device is rooted, the app will request access to all features and storage of the targeted device. Grant permission and then tap on Install. Once the app is installed, tap on Open.

Step 4

The next screen will ask for Activation key to activate your account. The purchaser of the spyware software is provided access to activation code sent through email. Enter the code and tap Done.

Step 5

The next step is to Activate the Device Administrator. It will enable the android spyware app to perform certain features.

Step 6

Some spy applications let you hide or show the app icon on the targeted cell phone. You can choose the spyware software to stay visible or invisible during the installation process.

Step 7

Once the installation and activation process is complete, do not forget to remove clues of spying app from the targeted cell phone. Go to downloads and remove apk file. Go to the internet browser and remove spy app download link. If you have downloaded the spy app using another internet browser rather than the preinstalled browser, uninstall it as well.

The Bottom Line

The spy applications have their official webpages where they offer video tutorials explaining the installation process and step by step guide. You can also take services of customer support service if you are encountering any inconvenience in app installation or activation. Also, make sure you follow above mentioned instructions to successfully install the targeted android device with spyware software.

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